• saa


  • krutovig

    @saa you’re welcome

  • topik

    excellent game!
    but your game has been uploaded and is playable online for free here


    are you ok with it?

    • krutovig

      @topik it’s not a full game. It is a free demo.

  • Buck Meadows

    Will there be a Mac release of Abandoned 2? If so, when?

  • krutovig

    @Buck Meadows, I can’t say any definite date. Not this month. Sorry.

  • Milamber

    Hello, when will be a release on Android?

  • krutovig

    @Milamber, we’re looking for mobile publisher. Because of that I can’t answer yet. But you can follow the news on fb page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1565392677028858/

  • Ali


    Your game will be released on Itunes ?


  • krutovig

    Hi, @Ali
    Yes, we’re porting it to iOS. Unfortunally, I can’t say the release date yet. Follow the news.

  • Idro

    Hi Igor !

    Will the game be longer than the 1st ? The 1st was good, but too too short.

    Thx !

  • krutovig

    @Idro, hi. Yes, it’s longer. People say it takes from 2 to 4 hours to comple the game.

    If you go to the steam page and observe comments you can see how much time players spent in the game.


  • captain

    will websites be able to have the full game on them eventually?

  • krutovig

    @captain, no. The full game is available only on Steam

  • Ccampbells21

    hi! any news on a mac version?

  • SDRanger

    Will this Abandoned 2: The Forest be released for iPad?
    Chapter 1 was, (just played it here on my iPad…AAAAAgain! haha) and it is SO wonderful, easy to navigate, visually fantastic, and mostly…I can take it with me and play it wherever I might be in the city…
    PLEASE consider making an iOS version…?
    You would make a LOT of children happy all over the world!
    (OK…and you would make a lot of ADULTS, like myself, happy too.) he he
    ALSO, you WOULD have EVEN MORE $$$€€€, etc POURING into your bank account if you offered it for a dollar or two on the App Store.
    THANKS for taking the time to read this message.
    Your fans forever,
    Glenn, SDRanger, Roger, Frank, Anthony
    California, USA

  • krutovig

    @SDRanger, it will go to iPad. I t hink after New Year I will announce that.

    • FelEinstein

      So, Igor…did the “it will” in your above statement change to “it won’t”….?
      Three of my great friends, (ok, including myself, heh..) really, REALLY had our hearts…and our iPads…set on it!
      Hopefully the Steam integration was just a slight distraction in the development of an app…
      P L E A S E consider it!
      Glenn, Frank, Roger……fans for life!

      • Igor Krutov

        Now we’re working on Through Abandoned 3. The game will go to mobiles first with TA1 and TA2 together in one big game. I can’t say the date of release now, but it should be this summer.

  • krutovig

    @Ccampbells21, now we’re remaking the engine of Through Abandoned in Unity (instead of Flash), and Unity has a possibility to make build for mac. So, after a couple monthes of development we will turn to this idea and look what we can do. Check the updates of my facebook page.

  • Igor Krutov

    test comment

  • Anastasiya Babanina

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  • Nate Coray

    Dear Krutov, i recently bought your game because i really loved the first one, but sadly i only have a mac book. i wasn’t able to play your game, so i came here to ask you this, can you possibly make Through Abandoned 2: The Forest for the Mac OS X on steam?

    • Igor Krutov

      If you buy it mistakenly, you can turn the game and get your money back.

      As about TA2 for Mac, it will see the light, but unfortunally not earlier than March, maybe even later. As I announced, we’re making TA3 now and remaking the game engine in Unity. This will give us possibility to make Mac version. So there will be firstly Through Abandoned 3. The Refuge on mobiles, than Mac-version of TA1 and TA2 and release TA3 on Steam. The work is in progress.