Through Abandoned series – what are we looking for

13.11.2016  12:49

Through Abandoned is an adventure puzzle game, first person view, midcore.

December 31th 2014 I released the flash game Abandoned, which became a hit on web-portals and 2 000 000 people played it. The game won Kongregate week and month contests and got to the list of the best games of the year 2015.

After such sucsess on portals I ported the game to Steam and released it in Summer 2015. The game was renamed to Through Abandoned. It has “mostly positive” reviews.

Then I started to develop the sequel especially for Steam and mobiles.

Through Abandoned 2. The Forest was released on Steam in August 2016. If the first part was just a flash-game port with gameplay duration around 1 hour, the sequel was made as a longer and better game. 3-4 hours of gameplay, 150+ locations, 12 different worlds, good animations, ambient music, mini-games.

Through Abandoned series is a mysterious stories about the network of parallel worlds connected by portal Doors. These worlds are abandoned, and nobody knows why. You explore these worlds and try to reach your brother who discovered Abandoned and disappeared there. Also you try to solve what happened in these worlds and why people disappeared.

Through Abandoned was designed as a 7-10 part story, 3-5 hours each.

For now we released:
1. Through Abandoned (on Steam in July 2015 and iOS in December 2015)
2. Through Abandoned 2. The Forest (on Steam in August 2015)

Without any budget for marketing we sold 20000 copies of both parts together on Steam. The game already has some database of fans.

What are we looking for.

Publisher and investments.

We want to continue the game but with good publisher who can invest some money to development and do marketing.

First of all we are looking for publisher and investor of Through Abandoned 3. The Refuge (and possibly the next parts too) on Steam.

Also we are looking for publisher and investor of the port Through Abandoned 2. The Forest to mobiles.

You can contact me by the next channels:

Skype: krutovig
facebook: Igor Krutov
twitter: @krutovig