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About Through Abandoned 3, the Refuge and the series at all

I’m sorry for keeping a silence for such long. This year we are so onto the work. And finally the time of news came.

First of all I want to say that Through Abandoned 3, the Refuge is done. Firstly it will go on mobiles and after that to Steam. We wanted to release it at October but it looks like we have to delay. As a lot of you may know, there was an Apple presentation and they showed a new product — iPhone X. iPhone X has totally new resolution proportions: 19.5:9. It’s huge but it has all the chances to become a new industry standart.

Unfortunally Through Abandoned has only 4:3. This fact has a long history and I won’t tell it in this post. It’s just happened for a reason. So, if you play Through Abandoned on iPhone you can see narrow line of black empty space on both sides of the screen. It’s not cool but tolerably. Now iPhone X is a bit longer and 4:3 looks like shit on it. We were thinking a lot about that and came to some uneasy decision.

We have to redraw all backrounds in the game for making it fullscreen. The thing is: we have to make it for all 3 chapters and there are 250+ images. This is because the title which we will launch on mobiles includes all 3 chapters inside the one game. So, it will take around 1-1.5 monthes and I can’t say the exactly date of the release, sorry.

In total:
1. There will be the big Through Abandoned game on iOS and Android, fullscreen at all the devices, includes The Underground city, The Forest and The Refuge.
2. After 2 monthes of mobiles release, Through Abandoned 3, the Refuge will be released on Steam. It will be wide fullscreen too.
3. As soon as all the backgrounds are ready we will make the big updates for TA1 and TA2 on Steam. We will upload totally new builds made on a new engine with fullscreen graphics too.
4. After the release of mobile TA we will finish and release a small prequel for TA2 called Through Abandoned, a Thousand Years Ago which explains what happened before the hero went through the right Door in Tibet and after he got the key. That will be a small bonus for you.

And now we have a new quick engine, written on Unity (good-bye Flash). So we will follow our plan: one year — one Through Abandoned chapter. The journey continues!

P.S. You can see how it will look on iPhone X on the picture.


About this blog

Hi there.

I’m going to transform concept of this blog a little.
From now all the posts about development will see the light on my Patreon page here. The page “work” will be the place where I will publish some posts about a game industry at all. I think it will be more in Russian.

The posts from Patreon will be duplicates here, on my Twitter and Facebook as just a links. The official place where you can read news what I’m doing in my work is only Patreon place.

Thank you!


Концепция этого блога будет немного изменена.
Теперь все посты о разработке будут на моей странице на Patreon здесь. Эта же страница “work” в блоге будет использована для публикации каких-либо постов о гейм-индустрии в целом. И я думаю они будут больше на русском.

Посты с Patreon будут продублированы здесь, в Твиттере и Фейсбуке. Официальное место, где можно прочитать новости о том, над чем я работаю будет только Patreon.


Dogs in space

Dogs in space is the puzzle platformer with two characters: dogs Belka and Strelka which are completing their mission on new Base. These dogs have different possibilities and cooperate with each other to complete their mission. You can switch between the dogs and control them.

In future the game will be ported on mobile devices.

So, enjoy!

003. Dogs in Space gameplay video

I’ve made some short video of gameplay of my new game. You will see one level.

This game is about two brave and smart dogs: Belka and Strelka. You should help them to escape the Moon base where their mission is over. Dogs in Space will release on flash-portals and for mobile devices.

The game is totally done, 100%. Now I’m doing a marketing stuff and can’t say the release date for now.

002. Details and references in Abandoned

First of all I want to recollect Submachine. Some people compare my game with Submachine series. Really, I’m a big fan of Mateusz Skutnik’s works, and I choose out the same system of moving between locations for Abandoned. So, for me such comparing is a compliment. If you still didn’t play Submachine you have to do it, it’s masterpiece. BTW, mister Skutnik leave a very good comment for my game, and I’m obliged him for these words. I won’t quote that comment here, but if you want to read it see the top comment on Abandoned page on Kongregate.

The story has appeared in my mind a very long time ago. It’s something bigger than only the game script. So, I think I’ll have some suprises in future.

The first part of Abandoned has tons of comments. The most intent players have noticed references inside my game.

I want to uncover some of them.

Tibet location


When I worked on Abandoned I lived in China for 6 months. Location “Lake in Tibet mountains” was inspired by my environment in those days. China is very mistery place and its spirit seems the same as Abandoned worlds has. BTW, dragons were everywhere in Xi’an, the city I lived. Every bank or hotel or goverment building has two dragons near the entrance big or small.



Of course doors between worlds were inspired by doors in Stephen King’s Dark Tower. In The Drawing of the Three the Gunslinger got to the shore with doors which stand on the sand without any support, without walls.



This guy has immured himself behind a brick wall. Maybe if you may answer why did he do that you will answer what happened to Underground City world.



Unobtainium was mentioned in a lot of sciense-fiction books and movies. The movie Avatar wasn’t the first work where that word appeared as some players think. Actually engineers use this term when they want to denote a material that is impossible to obtain.



The deserted subway in Underground city was inspired by Dmitry Glukhovsky’s amazing novel Metro 2033 about people who have survived in Moskva’s subway after nuclear war.


The most part of my life I lived in Kharkov, the city in Eastern Ukraine. I’ve heard a legend about a nuclear bunker in our subway that situated between some stations.


Cube chambers inside the pyramide

If you think that those locations look like rooms in canadian movie Cube, yes you are right: I like that movie and cube chambers are the reference to it.


Death sun rays

The idea of the fatal sun rays is the reference to Ray Bradbury’s Frost and Fire, one of my favorite short novels.


Signs of Underground people


Numbers of Underground people are the same as Chinese gestures those symbolized numbers. I’ve learned it in China; it was very helpful in shops, because Chinese people don’t often understand if I tried to say any Chinese numbers. And almost nobody knows English here, even such easy word as “yes”, “no” or “right” and “left”! Their system is similar as ours when you need to show numbers from 1 to 5 and totally another from 6 to 10.


If I forgot something, please write in comments.

Abandoned series

Abandoned is a big story about very strange places: the web of worlds. People left those worlds forever and nobody knows why. You found out that your twin-brother, scientist, went to Abandoned and dissappeared there. So, you are trying to find him.
Abandoned is a huge trap and puzzle system. This fact makes your search very hard.

Abandoned is a series point and click adventure. For now I have released Abandoned 1 and Abandoned: The cube chambers (spin-off, like a bridge between the first and the second part). I’m working on Abandoned 2, that will be done in 2015.

Abandoned is my magnum opus; it’s a very big story and it will be more than the game. Abandoned is my way to tell you a mystery story that appeared in my mind long time ago.

Play Abandoned.

Play Abandoned: The cube chambers.


It’s the first game of Abandoned series. Classical point and click game. You try to find your twin-brother who dissapeared in the huge and mysterious place called Abandoned.

Abandoned 1 was released at December 31th 2014 and got a lot of fans around the whole world.

Buy Abandoned HD for iPad.

Buy Abandoned on Steam.

Play Abandoned: The cube chambers.

Play Abandoned for free:

If you play free and like my game, you can support me and buy iOS-version anyway. Thank you.

Abandoned: The cube chambers

This is the second game from the serie, released in 2015. It is not Abandoned 2; it’s spin-off, the part outside the main story line, like a bridge between the first and the second parts.

If you played Abandoned 1, you should remember the location with colour cube chambers inside the pyramide. That location stimulated a big discussion between players. In Abandoned: The cube chambers you woke up inside the huge complex that consists of a lot of cube chambers. You remember nothing: who you are, what do you do there. You only realize one thing: you must escape from that place.

Play Abandoned: The cube chambers for free:

Play Abandoned 1

001. Hello world


This blog will be the official site about my games. Here I’ll publish some posts about my work and big news. Short news I will publish on my facebook page and twitter. It is the more useful way for me to give your an information and get a feedback, so read posts and comment.

What’s going on

Couple days ago I arrived to Lvov, where I intend to live at least to the end of June.

Now I have completed flash version of my new game Dogs in Space. It is the platformer game, where you should control two characters at once. They have different skills and parametres and they should help each other and cooperate. I can’t say now where the release will be, I’ll write about it later.

I’m preparing Abandoned 1 for Steam.

And I’m even doing some preparing work for Abandoned 2. I think, I’ll start developing at June.

Subscribe to my blog and keep in touch with me. See you!