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About Through Abandoned 3, the Refuge and the series at all

I’m sorry for keeping a silence for such long. This year we are so onto the work. And finally the time of news came.

First of all I want to say that Through Abandoned 3, the Refuge is done. Firstly it will go on mobiles and after that to Steam. We wanted to release it at October but it looks like we have to delay. As a lot of you may know, there was an Apple presentation and they showed a new product — iPhone X. iPhone X has totally new resolution proportions: 19.5:9. It’s huge but it has all the chances to become a new industry standart.

Unfortunally Through Abandoned has only 4:3. This fact has a long history and I won’t tell it in this post. It’s just happened for a reason. So, if you play Through Abandoned on iPhone you can see narrow line of black empty space on both sides of the screen. It’s not cool but tolerably. Now iPhone X is a bit longer and 4:3 looks like shit on it. We were thinking a lot about that and came to some uneasy decision.

We have to redraw all backrounds in the game for making it fullscreen. The thing is: we have to make it for all 3 chapters and there are 250+ images. This is because the title which we will launch on mobiles includes all 3 chapters inside the one game. So, it will take around 1-1.5 monthes and I can’t say the exactly date of the release, sorry.

In total:
1. There will be the big Through Abandoned game on iOS and Android, fullscreen at all the devices, includes The Underground city, The Forest and The Refuge.
2. After 2 monthes of mobiles release, Through Abandoned 3, the Refuge will be released on Steam. It will be wide fullscreen too.
3. As soon as all the backgrounds are ready we will make the big updates for TA1 and TA2 on Steam. We will upload totally new builds made on a new engine with fullscreen graphics too.
4. After the release of mobile TA we will finish and release a small prequel for TA2 called Through Abandoned, a Thousand Years Ago which explains what happened before the hero went through the right Door in Tibet and after he got the key. That will be a small bonus for you.

And now we have a new quick engine, written on Unity (good-bye Flash). So we will follow our plan: one year — one Through Abandoned chapter. The journey continues!

P.S. You can see how it will look on iPhone X on the picture.


The last news

Well ok, I think I kept a silence for a long and now is time for some news and announcements.

Through Abandoned series will get a new life.  Last month we’re developing Through Abandoned 3. The Refuge.  And it will go to the mobiles first. It’s too early to announce the release date, but be sure it will happen in 2017 ;)


All the next parts of TA will be at least as long as Through Abandoned 2. The Forest. 2-4 hours of gameplay, depend on puzzle solving skills of a player.

I decided to switch our development tool from Flash and AIR to Unity. It means no more problems with mobile versions.

After the engine on Unity will be ready we will add localizations for released parts on Steam.

BTW we will finally build mac-versions.

Also please notice that my web-site has now a new comment system, which is more better than the old one. So, comment!

What else? Well, I’ve got the small teaser for you. It isn’t conserned with TA3.