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005. Abandoned HD is on air!

Hi, everybody.

First of all I want to say: Abandoned HD is released now on Steam store. Its prise is 2.99 $ but I’ve started lauch sale for 1 week for 1.49 $ price.

Secondly, Russian version will be able a little bit later. I try to do it next week.

Thirdly, I want to remind you that every player who should get it for free (special conditions when flash-version was released) will get it. It takes some time, maybe I do that when Russian localization will release. But, if you are one of those persons who sent me those secrets e-mails, you can shoot me by: krutovhomestyle@gmail.com and I will send you promo code faster. Anyway you get it, but if you want to get it faster, write me an e-mail please.

Abandoned on Steam