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005. The castles of Lvov. The cave city.

Русская версия этого поста: Львовская область. Неизвестные замки, пещерный город.

Lvovskaya oblast (oblast means state) has dozens of castles. Tourists know only about Golden Horseshoe castles: Olessky, Pidgorezhky, Zolochevsky. We were here in winter 2015.

Olessky castle. BTW, winter in Lvov a more warm than in the East. It is regular winter weather.

The view from the castle hill.

There is a museum inside the castle. I won’t show tons of photos but the museum is pretty interesting.

I liked this one. Unknown artist. Wood that looks like a crumpled paper.

There is an exibition of torture tools in the basement dungeon.

Pidgorezhky castle. Very big one.

It has not good condition. You can’t visit the castle inside except one room in the basement.

There is a “ghost” in that room. I didn’t take a good picture, but it is a white garb in the darkness spotted by black light. One of episodes of TV-show “Battle of extrasensories” was made here.

Near Zolochevsky castle the battery in my camera has died. If you would order a bus tour from Lvov these 3 castles would be included. They are the biggest and interesting for most of people. But I recommend to rent a car and go around a lot of interesting places.

Well, I like unknown places more. In summer 2015 on a weekend we went to see other castles of Lvoskaya oblast. There are at least 20 castles around Lvov. Most of them are in awful condition and tourists don’t know about them at all.

The castle in Stare Selo (Stare Selo translation is “the Old Village”). Ruins. No people.

Just look how beautiful it is.

Svirzhsky castle. It was closed and we just had a walk around.

Some little cave. Maybe that was a wine-cellar.

We looked for that place for a long. No signs, nobody knows nothing about it. But we’ve met bus with tourist at this place. Some cave city.

And we were in the city called Zholkva. It is very interesting place. It has ancient planning: the huge square in the center with old buildings around it. And of course the castle and the cathedral.

The beautiful wooden cathedral in Zholkva.