I do love point and click adventure. So, it's not surprising that my main work is in that genre. It called Through Abandoned.

This is my personal web-site, that include the blog about my work (news, announcements, thoughts etc.), the personal blog (life), the list of my games and music also.

The work blog (this very page) is in English, the life blog is mostly in Russian.


002. Details and references in Abandoned

First of all I want to recollect Submachine. Some people compare my game with Submachine series. Really, I'm a big fan of Mateusz Skutnik's works, and I choose out the same system of moving between locations for Abandoned. So, for me such comparing is a compliment. If you still didn't play Submachine you have to do it, it's masterpiece. BTW, mister Skutnik leave a very good comment for my game, and I'm obliged him for these words. I won't quote that comment here, but if you want to read it see the top comment on Abandoned page on Kongregate.

The story has appeared in my mind a very long time ago. It's something bigger than only the game script. So, I think I'll have some suprises in future.

The first part of Abandoned has tons of comments. The most intent players have noticed references inside my game.

I want to uncover some of them.

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