My short list of adventure games

19.12.2016  00:40

Funny thing: I don’t consider myself a gamer. Of course I play games, but they don’t take a lot of time away from me. And I don’t play those modern AAA titles like The Witcher you know.

I do like adventure games, so here is the short list of the best adventure games in my opinion. I don’t pretend on ultimate truth, it’s just the games I like which influented me.

The games aren’t sort by their hotness; it’s just a random ordered list.


1. Tomb Raider II


This is the best Tomb Raider chapter with good puzzles. I played this game on Sony Playstation a long time ago and sometime I replay it on PC.



2. Safecracker


You’re a lawyer of the owner of a safe factory. He is died and you have to find his will which is inside his mansion. It sounds easy but he had a bad sense of humor and placed it on the end of the line of puzzle of safes he ever produced.



3. Machinarium


Masterpiece made by Checz studio Amanita Design. The pathetic story about a small robot in the big machine city. If you like adventure games and you’ve never played this, oh then you don’t like adventure games.



4. Fez


The mind-blowing puzzle game based on some tricks of view angles.



5. Monument Valley.


Maybe the best puzzle game ever. These guys took the Escher’s ideas and fullfilled they as a game.



6. Year Walk


This is very special game about an ancient Scandinavian ceremony, when a man go to the forest and stay here for some days to have a talk with fairies. Creepy and narrative.



7. Submachine


The misterious escape series by Mateusz Skutnik. These are the small flash games, 10 parts in main series.



8. Valiant Hears


The story about The World War I by Ubisoft. Maybe this is more interactive story than a game but it’s excellent anyway.



9. Limbo


Everybody knows that game. No comments.



10. Inside


The masterpiece from creators of Limbo. The game with very advanced narrative which asks more than answers. Very funny to read these tons of fanat theories about what is going on in the game.



11. The Wolf Among Us


The interactive comics about the city of magical beeings, Fables. Usually I consider this genre boring but this one is very good.



12. Samorost 3


Strange places, cute characters, a kind of Little Prince’s mood. By Amanita Design.



13. Lumino City


This is the game totally made of paper and captured on a camera.



14. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons


You control two brother at the same time. They cooperate and help each other. I consider it the on of the best adventure games of the 2015.



15. The Room


The game series full of mechanisms and hiding places. And of course it has a misterious story.




  • FelEinstein

    I am so glad that I went back to the top and re-read your opening comments :”…it’s just a random ordered list.” (haha)
    Every title that I have heard of in your list absolutely deserves to be in a “Best of..” list! Very good choices and many are in my Top 10 list as well. Every title in your list that I am NOT familiar with, I am now on a mission to locate and play, because we obviously have the same exact taste in games. On a quick side note, the only thing NOT in your list (understandably) that is definitely in mine is “Abandoned/Through Abandoned – series”…I hope you remain passionate about continuing the series, as it is powerful, has its own spirit, and is worthy of a long line of chapters. THANKS for creating this for all of the Submachine explorers worldwide that are starving for this style of point-and-click puzzle adventure gaming experience. Skutnik won’t be producing Subs as much in the future, so it is great that you are here to carry the torch for us, so we can continue to get our “fix”. :)

    • Igor Krutov

      Thanks for such good feedback and kind words