001. Hello world

27.05.2015  14:14


This blog will be the official site about my games. Here I’ll publish some posts about my work and big news. Short news I will publish on my facebook page and twitter. It is the more useful way for me to give your an information and get a feedback, so read posts and comment.

What’s going on

Couple days ago I arrived to Lvov, where I intend to live at least to the end of June.

Now I have completed flash version of my new game Dogs in Space. It is the platformer game, where you should control two characters at once. They have different skills and parametres and they should help each other and cooperate. I can’t say now where the release will be, I’ll write about it later.

I’m preparing Abandoned 1 for Steam.

And I’m even doing some preparing work for Abandoned 2. I think, I’ll start developing at June.

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  • Moez

    GOOD WORK !!!!! I am fun of 3D games too . i have played the most famous 3D games like tomb raider crysis …
    why i say that; because those that you create was so special and prefer it more than the enjoyable 3D games.

    i always play the same gender of click games:
    submachine/covert front /the fog fall/the daymare tawn and of course your game (Abondoned)and more…
    The worse thing of that all that those pieces of art are rare ;)