Abandoned series

Abandoned is a big story about very strange places: the web of worlds. People left those worlds forever and nobody knows why. You found out that your twin-brother, scientist, went to Abandoned and dissappeared there. So, you are trying to find him.
Abandoned is a huge trap and puzzle system. This fact makes your search very hard.

Abandoned is a series point and click adventure. For now I have released Abandoned 1 and Abandoned: The cube chambers (spin-off, like a bridge between the first and the second part). I'm working on Abandoned 2... Read more>>

Abandoned: The cube chambers

This is the second game from the serie, released in 2015. It is not Abandoned 2; it's spin-off, the part outside the main story line, like a bridge between the first and the second parts.

If you played Abandoned 1, you should remember the location with colour cube chambers inside the pyramide. That location stimulated a big discussion between players. In Abandoned: The cube chambers you woke up inside the huge complex that consists of a lot of cube chambers. You remember nothing: who you are, what do you do there. You only realize one thing: you must escape from that place.

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