006. Dogs in Space. Developing and release.

02.09.2015  13:54

Примерно этот же пост на русском тут.

1 year ago I’ve found the picture on Internet.

I’ve got the idea: pltformer with cute casual art style about two dogs completed a mission somewhere in space. Of course about Belka and Strelka (the first dogs in space). I can’t sleep that night because tons of ideas about the game came into my head. I saw how it have to be. Puzzle platformer, two characters which cooperate and complete each other. I very like Home, sheep, home, the game with a similar gameplay. Finally I’ve decided that the one of dogs have to be small but smart and the second dog have to be big but strong and heroic. At this time in the first part not all their properties are available. Just wait for sequels. For now the big dog jumps higher and move boxes and the small dog can climb into different holes and can activate voice sensors (bark).

I’ve drawn the one of characters at once:

The second character was more harder for me. But I did it too:

When I made an animation it was very hard to draw the big dog. I wanted her paws would move realistically. And I wanted Strelka would be cartoon-style but not too funny and not stupid but heroic.

At the beginning I tried to make an art by myself. But a casual style is not my strong side. Than I found an artist for a long. There were some attempts:

And on elance.com I’ve found the guys from Nikolaev, Ukraine. Small studio. They have did the test task and I’ve liked it so much! So, they have make all the art for me except characters and animations.

The result:

They’ve made some variant of the big dog but I liked my one more.

Than some amazing story happened. There is the band in my city. They are popular in Ukraine and Russia and they have an amazing songs. They called Pur:pur. One day I thought that their music are very appropriate to my game. I’ve written to one of their founders and they’ve gave me their music! For free. They’ve said that my game’s mood is very similar to Pur:pur’s philosophy of “cute, kind and eternal” :-) I reccomend you to listen their music. I’m a big fan and I promise: you can’t find an analogue in the whole world.

The flash version is on air. My future plans for the game: mobiles and Steam.

Play the game.