002. Details and references in Abandoned

09.06.2015  22:35

First of all I want to recollect Submachine. Some people compare my game with Submachine series. Really, I’m a big fan of Mateusz Skutnik’s works, and I choose out the same system of moving between locations for Abandoned. So, for me such comparing is a compliment. If you still didn’t play Submachine you have to do it, it’s masterpiece. BTW, mister Skutnik leave a very good comment for my game, and I’m obliged him for these words. I won’t quote that comment here, but if you want to read it see the top comment on Abandoned page on Kongregate.

The story has appeared in my mind a very long time ago. It’s something bigger than only the game script. So, I think I’ll have some suprises in future.

The first part of Abandoned has tons of comments. The most intent players have noticed references inside my game.

I want to uncover some of them.

Tibet location


When I worked on Abandoned I lived in China for 6 months. Location “Lake in Tibet mountains” was inspired by my environment in those days. China is very mistery place and its spirit seems the same as Abandoned worlds has. BTW, dragons were everywhere in Xi’an, the city I lived. Every bank or hotel or goverment building has two dragons near the entrance big or small.



Of course doors between worlds were inspired by doors in Stephen King’s Dark Tower. In The Drawing of the Three the Gunslinger got to the shore with doors which stand on the sand without any support, without walls.



This guy has immured himself behind a brick wall. Maybe if you may answer why did he do that you will answer what happened to Underground City world.



Unobtainium was mentioned in a lot of sciense-fiction books and movies. The movie Avatar wasn’t the first work where that word appeared as some players think. Actually engineers use this term when they want to denote a material that is impossible to obtain.



The deserted subway in Underground city was inspired by Dmitry Glukhovsky’s amazing novel Metro 2033 about people who have survived in Moskva’s subway after nuclear war.


The most part of my life I lived in Kharkov, the city in Eastern Ukraine. I’ve heard a legend about a nuclear bunker in our subway that situated between some stations.


Cube chambers inside the pyramide

If you think that those locations look like rooms in canadian movie Cube, yes you are right: I like that movie and cube chambers are the reference to it.


Death sun rays

The idea of the fatal sun rays is the reference to Ray Bradbury’s Frost and Fire, one of my favorite short novels.


Signs of Underground people


Numbers of Underground people are the same as Chinese gestures those symbolized numbers. I’ve learned it in China; it was very helpful in shops, because Chinese people don’t often understand if I tried to say any Chinese numbers. And almost nobody knows English here, even such easy word as “yes”, “no” or “right” and “left”! Their system is similar as ours when you need to show numbers from 1 to 5 and totally another from 6 to 10.


If I forgot something, please write in comments.

  • 고강산

    How can I open the last white door? I’m wondering that. I searched the way opening the door. And I’m Korean so i tried to write the sentences grammatically correct way. I hope i wrote correctly. And thank you for reading it.

  • krutovig

    I can’t answer such questions, sorry :-)
    But continue to find the last secret