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About Through Abandoned 3, the Refuge and the series at all

I’m sorry for keeping a silence for such long. This year we are so onto the work. And finally the time of news came.

First of all I want to say that Through Abandoned 3, the Refuge is done. Firstly it will go on mobiles and after that to Steam. We wanted to release it at October but it looks like we have to delay. As a lot of you may know, there was an Apple presentation and they showed a new product — iPhone X. iPhone X has totally new resolution proportions: 19.5:9. It’s huge but it has all the chances to become a new industry standart.

Unfortunally Through Abandoned has only 4:3. This fact has a long history and I won’t tell it in this post. It’s just happened for a reason. So, if you play Through Abandoned on iPhone you can see narrow line of black empty space on both sides of the screen. It’s not cool but tolerably. Now iPhone X is a bit longer and 4:3 looks like shit on it. We were thinking a lot about that and came to some uneasy decision.

We have to redraw all backrounds in the game for making it fullscreen. The thing is: we have to make it for all 3 chapters and there are 250+ images. This is because the title which we will launch on mobiles includes all 3 chapters inside the one game. So, it will take around 1-1.5 monthes and I can’t say the exactly date of the release, sorry.

In total:
1. There will be the big Through Abandoned game on iOS and Android, fullscreen at all the devices, includes The Underground city, The Forest and The Refuge.
2. After 2 monthes of mobiles release, Through Abandoned 3, the Refuge will be released on Steam. It will be wide fullscreen too.
3. As soon as all the backgrounds are ready we will make the big updates for TA1 and TA2 on Steam. We will upload totally new builds made on a new engine with fullscreen graphics too.
4. After the release of mobile TA we will finish and release a small prequel for TA2 called Through Abandoned, a Thousand Years Ago which explains what happened before the hero went through the right Door in Tibet and after he got the key. That will be a small bonus for you.

And now we have a new quick engine, written on Unity (good-bye Flash). So we will follow our plan: one year — one Through Abandoned chapter. The journey continues!

P.S. You can see how it will look on iPhone X on the picture.


Through Abandoned 3. The Refuge secrets


I’m Igor Krutov, the creator of Through Abandoned series. You are here because you’ve found 4 out of 4 secrets in Through Abandoned 3. The Refuge, which means that you’re smart and, I hope, appreciate my games. Please, welcome to my place in the web.

As a small bonus for your smartness, I want to show you which references I used creating TA3. They are some works of art, books, movies I like so much and which inspire me. Also, I will explain some parts of the Through Abandoned universe.

The Refuge corridor. 

The round doors, which lead out of the Refuge, were inspired by the amazing TV film Star Gate, old Sci-Fi series. The military team discovered the net of such gates and travelled around the whole universe.


Unity 5.6.1f1 Personal (64bit) - ta3.unity - TA123_gitlub - PC, Mac & Linux Standalone DX11

By the way, you have an access only to one floor of the Refuge corridors with round doors. It leads to different gates in the Ordered. One floor of Refuge for one world. The gates from the corridor where you start TA3 is the Earth hub.

The language

If you press the button on the side of the gates, you’ll see the hologram with the description of the place where this gate leads.  It’s like an address in Engineers’ language. You’ve seen such symbols before. They have a sense. I developed a language of Engineers. And you can try to decrypt it, some words or at least a system.

Unity 5.6.1f1 Personal (64bit) - ta3.unity - TA123_gitlub - PC, Mac & Linux Standalone DX11

The code on wires

One of my favorite puzzle games is Safecracker. The idea with the code which is “drawn” by wires is a tribute of respect to this game. If you like such games, do not miss it.


The elevator

The Refuge doesn’t exist only in one world. It is situated in different pieces of Ordered, very good hidden places: under the ground of hell-type planets, inside young solar systems, near black holes. But it didn’t help and the Refuge was destroyed and people died. The Elevator is the special system that teleports you between parts of the Refuge. Each part has coordinates, but the panel was broken and you can just use “favorite floors” buttons.


The subway

You were in this very subway when you were in the Underground city. It’s the strange world where USSR and USA are the same country. You can see Cyrillic words inside the subway but when you go outside through the second door in the Tower, you turn up in a city that looks like New York. And you see English signboards. You can read the name of the station on the entrance: “Youth”. In the Subway you see Russian letters “МОЛОД**Н*Я” on the wall of the station. This is the name of the station: “МОЛОДЁЖНАЯ” (Molodyozhnaya). I can translate it as “Youth”.  I must admit that the mood of the abandoned subway was also inspired by the brilliant novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky “Metro 2033″ about the life in the Moscow subway after a nuclear war.

But how is it possible that you can enter this very Subway from the Underground city? I  don’t know. The thing is: the Subway leads to different worlds, with opened teleports. Maybe it was the experiment and such portals could replace Doors. But Engineers disappeared and we will never find this out.

And the secret in the subway… Can you recognize that place? Yeah, it’s the concrete well from the Through Abandoned 1. When you played the first chapter, you couldn’t get here because of the water, but now the well is dried and you can go down and activate the secret sign. I do love such things in games.


The Temple

The church is hidden between worlds. Looks like there was some dark and scary cult in the Ordered. People worshipped some powerful and angry beings. This location is inspired by necromongers’ style from the movie the Chronicles of Riddick. Also it took a little bit of Giger’s Aliens’ style.

The interesting question is: who was the guy in the prison under the temple who wrote down the coordinates of the Core? Why was he there?


The Tower

The small hub with 6 Doors. And it looks like somebody lived here. Someone who decided who could pass and who could not. There is such tower in the novel of the great modern Russian writer Sergey Lukyanenko called Rough Draft. It works as the customs between worlds. The tower in Through Abandoned doesn’t have any exit, you can watch the local world only through windows, but you can never go out.


The Way

The Way is the world parallel to our Earth but already abandoned. The place that you see is in Spain. It is situated on Saint James’ Way, the most popular pilgrim route in the world. People come on foot from different parts of Europe, through Spain, to see the remains of Saint James’ body in Santiago de Compostela. Once I completed this pilgrimage by bicycle and it inspired me a lot.

In the Through Abandoned universe the Way has a more important, sacred meaning. It passes through the space. You can see the hologram of the Way in space in the Observatory.



Me on the Saint James Way, August 2015:


The House

This is the classical place with ghosts. Old and creepy. Try to find a couple of small references in this location.

Did you like the piano puzzle? I’m a musician, a guitar player and a singer and it was not so easy to design a musical puzzle for non-musicians.

And who is the guy on the stained glass window? And whose diary is in the bedroom on the second floor? Hmm, maybe it’s not the last time you see this place.


The wrecked ship

This place is dedicated to my favorite game ever — Tomb Raider II. There are some levels on the wrecked ship Maria Doria in that game. The ship, which was real by the way, lies on the deep bottom of the ocean. Only sharks can reach it. And you of course, through Doors.

The gravitation anomalies are the reference to “Stalker” by Strugatsky brothers. There is an anomaly called meatgrinder and when I read the book I always imagine it in such a way.



The Core

When you found the way to the corridor from New York you get to the elevator shaft. There are hundreds of locations and doors here. You can imagine the size of the Refuge. But LILIT has closed all the doors and you can only come directly to her. Inside a trap.

The Core has a lot of references. People-batteries come from Matrix, the portal machine is a small reference to Monsters Inc., the sphere room comes from X-men.  And LILIT is a big reference to my favorite character from Stephen King’s books — the train Blaine the Mono from the Waste Lands. The insane AI. It’s classic. It’s my respect to master King, all this dialogue. Don’t judge me hard for that.


Well, the story isn’t ended. In the next parts you will know what kills everything in abandoned worlds, who built all this, meet survivors. May be.

Through Abandoned 4. The Temple will see the light in 2019. Thank you for playing. Take care of yourselves. And comment here, I will read and answer.

And one more thing. Don’t forget to watch details. There are more interesting things hidden in the game than I told you ;)

The Path of Future

Закончили игру под заказ. Тропа будущего это промо-игра, смесь квеста с аркадой, для проекта “Профессия моего будущего”, призванного популяризировать техническую индустрию у подростков.

Поиграть пока что можно только тут:


Что я сделал в 2016

Sorry this post is only in Russian.

Постараюсь в более-менее хронологическом порядке рассказать, чем я занимался в 2016.

В начале года я подписал контракт с Colibri games об издании Abandoned на iOS. Я долго искал издателя для своей игры на мобильных, половину 2015-го.  Общался месяца три с Чилинго, честно говоря, вообще не понял, что они от меня хотят – полный сумбур. За премиум игры никто не хотел браться. Игра вышла в эппстор в феврале, получила фичер в 50-ти странах. Игра продавалась за один доллар. Если коротко – это была очень плохая затея выпускать премиум игру. Особенно маленькую премиум игру.  Фичер не особо помог. В общем продажи сильно упали, и к концу года права на игру снова вернулись ко мне (по контракту). Мобильная версия получит новую жизнь в следующем году, но об этом позже.


Еще в декабре 2015 я подписался продать y8 тройку сайтлоков и потихоньку их ковырял, пока не столкнулся с полным непониманием как работает их API, и отсутствием вразумительной поддержки. Потратил на это кучу времени и сил. Постоянно откладывал их, один раз даже месяц не заглядывал в эту работу. Наконец я решил, что хватит, нужно закопать стюардессу, и нанял камрада fysx на эту работу. Юра сделал, все быстро и отлично. Растянулась эта ерунда аж до начала мая.

Тоже в начале года мне неожиданно написали Addicting games и выявили желание купить все мои сайтлоки. По весьма интересной цене. У них нет никакого API, сайтлоки я сделал мгновенно, но вот платеж они растянули на несколько месяцев, причем Бекки могла не отвечать на почту месяц. Очень странная мадам я б сказал. На форуме жаловались на подобные проблемы с задержкой оплаты и сильно парились, я просто временами напоминал о своем существовании. В марте сделку таки закрыли.

Довелось поработать с hanuman. Мы запили с ним сиквел моего платформера Dogs in Space. Делали долго и нудно, в перерывах между своими другими проектами. Параллельно, весной, я продолжил свою серию мини-квестов The Chambers, и сделал игру The Chambers 3. Обе игры были закончены в мае и ушли у8 эксклюзивами.

Продолжение серии Abandoned, по сути мой главный проект года,  растянулось в какую-то невероятную эпопею. Я долго пытался найти художника, но мне все как-то не нравилось то, что у них выходило. В итоге я плюнул и обратился к художнику первой части, хотя первый опыт сотрудничества прошел не сильно гладко. В этот раз я не нанимал его, а мы работали как партнеры. Я думал, что такой формат промотивирует его лучше, но оказалось, что я ошибался. Вместо обещанной пары месяцев он растянул работы по арту чуть ли не на год. Честно говоря, я заглянул сейчас в переписку в скайпе, и не смог найти начало – оно уже стерлось в истории.


За время, пока художник рисовал арт, успел окончательно сдохнуть флеш, произойти инди-апокалипсис, стим изменил правила, а я объехал пол-Европы.

Я думал, что игра выйдет хотя бы в мае, но последние 15-20% арта растянулись до сентября. В итоге игра вышла, но стим в очередной раз изменил условия игры, и, хотя игра получилась значительно лучше первой части, пошла она хуже.

Я задумал сделать небольшой приквел ко второй части, который объясняет, почему герой просыпается перед дверью в горах, где он закончил в первой части, а вокруг все поменялось, словно прошло много лет. Приквел вызвался рисовать все тот же художник, но, когда он пообещал сделать арт, и пропал на месяц, не отвечая на сообщения, я решил, что в нашем сотрудничестве пора ставить точку.

В итоге Леша Гулев посоветовал мне отличного художника из Беларуси, с которым я сейчас работаю и по приквелу и по продолжению.

Приквел выйдет в январе (я надеюсь). Арт к нему готов, дело за кодом, но об этом дальше.


Вся серия Through Abandoned полностью переосмысливается. Я меняю инструменты разработки на связку Unity + Spine. Для этого дела я нанял камрада WeslomPo, который пишет мне на юнити универсальный редактор моих квестов. Идею сделать подобное когда-то давно мне подкинул Антон Карлов. Какое-то время я пытался реализовать подобное на флеше, но возможностей и моих скиллов просто не хватало. Фишка в том, что мы стандартизируем все действия в игре, и кодер не занимается программированием загадок, а пишет редактор, используя который, я хитрым образом проставляю связи между предметами, компоную локации и объекты на них, подключаю музыку и звуки. Для него остается лишь закодить мини-игры (и то на самом деле их можно делать из тех же компонентов, если сильно захотеть). На сегодняшний день редактор готов на 90%, осталось это все дело отполировать, обкатать и оптимизировать. Все последующие серии (а их планируется не менее семи) выйдут на этом движке.

Я приступил к разработке Through Abandoned 3. The Refuge. Весной на iOS и Android выйдет мобильная версия Through Abandoned, которая будет состоять сразу из трех игр: TA1+TA2+TA3, объединенных в один продукт. Только после этого TA3 выйдет в Steam, ориентировочно летом.

Флеш окончательно сдох для меня. Чудесно, что это болото наконец-то высохло, и я смогу сосредоточиться на более значимых и интересных проектах.

Говоря об интересных проектах – я наконец-то начал разработку давно задуманной большой адвенчуры. Пока что не буду раскрывать всех карт по завоеванию мира, скажу лишь, что это смесь платформера и персонажного квеста, по геймплею не меньше семи часов. Как раз тот жанр, который я люблю и всегда хотел делать. Моя верхняя планка, игра мечты, как хотите. Покажу пока что ранний скриншот.


Неожиданно для самого себя я взял делать игру на заказ. Небольшой промо-квест. Мне очень понравилась идея, геймдизайн я сделал полностью сам, простор для творчества был предоставлен, поэтому я согласился. Игра будет готова в начале года, сейчас к сожалению не имею права ничего показывать.

С камрадом fysx запилили по приколу небольшую аркадку для мобильных, которая пока что легла на полку в поисках издателя.

Этот год для меня уникален количеством людей с которыми мне удалось поработать. Это были (и сейчас еще продолжаю) Юра Баукин fysx, Федор hanuman, Сергей Кныш, Егор Жарков, Андрей Помазан, Павел apelmon, Миша WeslomPo. Отдельно хочу вынести Сашу Ахуру, который написал музыку и сделал звуки для Through Abandoned 2. The Forest, и теперь продолжает сотрудничать со мной практически по всем моим играм.

Большую часть года я сидел дома. Удалось попутешествовать немного – проехать на машине 4000 км по Европе. Кому интересно, прошу в посты про Вену и Венецию, Мюнхен и Кассель, Прагу и Костнице. Удалось съездить на лучший DevGamm в истории девгаммов, выступить там в качестве музыканта. Отчет я писал в фейсбуке. В велопоходы к сожалению не ходил, но проехал около 5000 км за сезон, катаясь каждый день по лесопарку. Все  лето играл в баскетбол. С ноября пошел в тренажерный зал. Заехал в гости к подруге в Германию, которую не видел шесть лет.


Что я собираюсь делать в 2017? Хочу сосредоточиться на двух проектах: Through Abandoned series и большой игре, о которой упомянул выше. Собираюсь отправиться на Ближний Восток или в Азию на еще один контракт по музыке, подобный тому, как я ездил в Китай. Сам себе пообещал наконец привести себя в нормальную физическую форму, потому что чем старше, тем сложнее следить за весом. Для этого я буду ходить весь год в зал, каждый день в сезон ездить на велосипеде минимум по 20 км, играть в баскетбол каждые выходные. Самое главное – обещаю побольше видеться с родными и с друзьями (последних к четвертому десятку осталось совсем мало).

Где-то там уже за горами следующее путешествие мечты – велотур по периметру Евросоюза, может быть и в 2017, кто знает. Предыдущее путешествие мечты состоялось в 2015.

Всех с наступающим!


 Кстати запилил нормальную систему комментов на сайте.





My short list of adventure games

Funny thing: I don’t consider myself a gamer. Of course I play games, but they don’t take a lot of time away from me. And I don’t play those modern AAA titles like The Witcher you know.

I do like adventure games, so here is the short list of the best adventure games in my opinion. I don’t pretend on ultimate truth, it’s just the games I like which influented me.

The games aren’t sort by their hotness; it’s just a random ordered list.


1. Tomb Raider II


This is the best Tomb Raider chapter with good puzzles. I played this game on Sony Playstation a long time ago and sometime I replay it on PC.



2. Safecracker


You’re a lawyer of the owner of a safe factory. He is died and you have to find his will which is inside his mansion. It sounds easy but he had a bad sense of humor and placed it on the end of the line of puzzle of safes he ever produced.



3. Machinarium


Masterpiece made by Checz studio Amanita Design. The pathetic story about a small robot in the big machine city. If you like adventure games and you’ve never played this, oh then you don’t like adventure games.



4. Fez


The mind-blowing puzzle game based on some tricks of view angles.



5. Monument Valley.


Maybe the best puzzle game ever. These guys took the Escher’s ideas and fullfilled they as a game.



6. Year Walk


This is very special game about an ancient Scandinavian ceremony, when a man go to the forest and stay here for some days to have a talk with fairies. Creepy and narrative.



7. Submachine


The misterious escape series by Mateusz Skutnik. These are the small flash games, 10 parts in main series.



8. Valiant Hears


The story about The World War I by Ubisoft. Maybe this is more interactive story than a game but it’s excellent anyway.



9. Limbo


Everybody knows that game. No comments.



10. Inside


The masterpiece from creators of Limbo. The game with very advanced narrative which asks more than answers. Very funny to read these tons of fanat theories about what is going on in the game.



11. The Wolf Among Us


The interactive comics about the city of magical beeings, Fables. Usually I consider this genre boring but this one is very good.



12. Samorost 3


Strange places, cute characters, a kind of Little Prince’s mood. By Amanita Design.



13. Lumino City


This is the game totally made of paper and captured on a camera.



14. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons


You control two brother at the same time. They cooperate and help each other. I consider it the on of the best adventure games of the 2015.



15. The Room


The game series full of mechanisms and hiding places. And of course it has a misterious story.




The last news

Well ok, I think I kept a silence for a long and now is time for some news and announcements.

Through Abandoned series will get a new life.  Last month we’re developing Through Abandoned 3. The Refuge.  And it will go to the mobiles first. It’s too early to announce the release date, but be sure it will happen in 2017 ;)


All the next parts of TA will be at least as long as Through Abandoned 2. The Forest. 2-4 hours of gameplay, depend on puzzle solving skills of a player.

I decided to switch our development tool from Flash and AIR to Unity. It means no more problems with mobile versions.

After the engine on Unity will be ready we will add localizations for released parts on Steam.

BTW we will finally build mac-versions.

Also please notice that my web-site has now a new comment system, which is more better than the old one. So, comment!

What else? Well, I’ve got the small teaser for you. It isn’t conserned with TA3.



Through Abandoned series – what are we looking for

Through Abandoned is an adventure puzzle game, first person view, midcore.

December 31th 2014 I released the flash game Abandoned, which became a hit on web-portals and 2 000 000 people played it. The game won Kongregate week and month contests and got to the list of the best games of the year 2015.

After such sucsess on portals I ported the game to Steam and released it in Summer 2015. The game was renamed to Through Abandoned. It has “mostly positive” reviews.

Then I started to develop the sequel especially for Steam and mobiles.

Through Abandoned 2. The Forest was released on Steam in August 2016. If the first part was just a flash-game port with gameplay duration around 1 hour, the sequel was made as a longer and better game. 3-4 hours of gameplay, 150+ locations, 12 different worlds, good animations, ambient music, mini-games.

Through Abandoned series is a mysterious stories about the network of parallel worlds connected by portal Doors. These worlds are abandoned, and nobody knows why. You explore these worlds and try to reach your brother who discovered Abandoned and disappeared there. Also you try to solve what happened in these worlds and why people disappeared.

Through Abandoned was designed as a 7-10 part story, 3-5 hours each.

For now we released:
1. Through Abandoned (on Steam in July 2015 and iOS in December 2015)
2. Through Abandoned 2. The Forest (on Steam in August 2015)

Without any budget for marketing we sold 20000 copies of both parts together on Steam. The game already has some database of fans.

What are we looking for.

Publisher and investments.

We want to continue the game but with good publisher who can invest some money to development and do marketing.

First of all we are looking for publisher and investor of Through Abandoned 3. The Refuge (and possibly the next parts too) on Steam.

Also we are looking for publisher and investor of the port Through Abandoned 2. The Forest to mobiles.

You can contact me by the next channels:

Skype: krutovig
facebook: Igor Krutov
twitter: @krutovig


I’m Igor Krutov, a game developer, an artist, a coder and more.

I made an art, code, animations, game-design for different games. Also I made some advertisement, infographics, logos and more.
This is my porfolio of all the projects I ever took part of.

My games for desktop and mobiles
My flash games
My side game projects
Different game art


My games for desktop and mobiles

There are 2 my biggest and serious games: the series called Through Abandoned.

Through Abandoned is a big story about parallel worlds. Those worlds are very strange, because people left them forever. You should explore those worlds and find your brother who dedicate his life for finding out the way to Abandoned and disappeared there.
Through Abandoned is a classical point and click adventure. It has nice-looking 2D art, a lot of puzzles, mini-games, secrets and a good intriguing mystical story.

Through Abandoned on Steam
Through Abandoned on iOS
Through Abandoned 2. The Forest on Steam

Through Abandoned trailer

Through Abandoned 2. The Forest trailer

To the top


My flash games

Since 2011 I made and publish 6 flash games. They are world-wide and free.

Empty room escape.
The first game I ever made in 2011 with Stasy.

The spin-off series in Through Abandoned universe called The Chambers.
Abandoned: The Cube Chambers.
The Watchers’ Chamber
The Chambers 3

Puzzle platformer series Dogs in Space where you should control 2 characters and cooperate.
Dogs in Space
Dogs in Space 2 (made with Hanuman)

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My side game projects

Some small games in Door Escape genre I made by the order for mobiles.

Neon Doors for iOS.
Neon Doors flash-version.
Neon Doors 2 flash-version
Submarine Escape for iOS
Submarine Escape flash-version
Submarine Escape 2 flash-version

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Different game art

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Animated logo Kurt Briceno

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