27.05.2015  22:00

It’s the first game of Abandoned series. Classical point and click game. You try to find your twin-brother who dissapeared in the huge and mysterious place called Abandoned.

Abandoned 1 was released at December 31th 2014 and got a lot of fans around the whole world.

Buy Abandoned HD for iPad.

Buy Abandoned on Steam.

Play Abandoned: The cube chambers.

Play Abandoned for free:

If you play free and like my game, you can support me and buy iOS-version anyway. Thank you.

  • roemer


  • RHR

    Great game.

  • krutovig

    @RHR, thank you

  • Luciana Junco

    Amo los diseños de tus juegos!!

  • krutovig

    @Luciana Junco mucho gracias!

  • Shiny

    I wish there was an android version. I’d be willing to pay for all the abandoned games is I could get them on a device I own.

    • Igor Krutov

      Thanks for your support.
      The game is ported to iOS and Android and will be released early in 2018. It’s a one big game includes Abandoned 1,2 and 3. Keep in touch and wait for announce the date of release.

      • Shiny