Abandoned: The cube chambers

27.05.2015  21:00

This is the second game from the serie, released in 2015. It is not Abandoned 2; it’s spin-off, the part outside the main story line, like a bridge between the first and the second parts.

If you played Abandoned 1, you should remember the location with colour cube chambers inside the pyramide. That location stimulated a big discussion between players. In Abandoned: The cube chambers you woke up inside the huge complex that consists of a lot of cube chambers. You remember nothing: who you are, what do you do there. You only realize one thing: you must escape from that place.

Play Abandoned: The cube chambers for free:

Play Abandoned 1

  • Eric

    your games are great. even the music is cool

  • krutovig

    @Eric, It’s nice you like it. Thanks.

  • krutovig

    @aleksandra, I start working on Abandoned 2. So, just wait :-)

  • colored_elephant

    Видео прохождения почему-то недоступно

  • krutovig

    @colored_elephant, спасибо. Это версия для сайта спонсора игры, видео на его канале. Я сообщил, должны поправить.

    Если нужно прохождение, рабочее тут: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9GAwu0c_gY

  • james

    How do I get the game? I can’t see a link to it.

  • krutovig

    @james, what do you mean? The game embed into this page. It’s only for playing online. Don’t you see the game after words: “Play Abandoned: The cube chambers for free:”?

  • Infant Tyrone

    Is there still a walkthrough somewhere? That youtube link is dead. (Love the games, by the way!)

  • krutovig

    @Infant Tyrone
    Here is a good one.

  • MB

    Really great game with very nice difficulty. Took me some time and in the pyramid i had to take the walktrough. Otherwise i would have gone mad

  • guy

    hey, i really like the abandoned series, especially the cube chambers. but now i stuck, when it comes to shift the cubes in the pyramid. i found a solution, which seems to me logical, but the game doesnt want that solution – frustuating ! it would be better, if there were a possibility to store the intermediate results, or just to skip to a puzzle which has not been solved. anyway, great game idea !

  • Chloe

    Can’t wait for Abandoned 2: The Forest! I recently found your game and am incredibly excited to play the sequel!

  • ducky

    ummm I cant play it, like, the link thingy doesn’t work

  • ducky

    I like your other escape games, but I absolutely hate this one! I cant get out of the stupid grey rooms!

  • ducky

    argh I hate this!

  • krutovig

    @ducky which link? Don’t get it

  • antoine1988

    Very great game !! so i wait for episode 2 plz ;)

  • antoine1988

    very great game!! s o i wait for episode 2! ;)

  • krutovig

    @antoine1988, if you mean The Chambers Series, there are THREE games release. The Cube Chambers you have already played.
    The Watchers’ Chamber: http://armorgames.com/play/17916/the-watchers-chamber
    The Chambers 3: http://ru.y8.com/games/the_chambers_3

    If you mean Through Abandoned 2, here it is: http://store.steampowered.com/app/389270?beta=0

    Hope it help

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  • july

    Tricks aren’t difficult but navigation is really dizzy. Thanks for the game though.